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Ethiopia’s “religious abuse” may cause regional destabilization

A US religious freedom group has called on Ethiopian authorities to stop what it said was an emerging religious freedom violations against Muslim minorities in the Horn of Africa.( SudanTribune Report,2012)

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) said that if Ethiopia continues to tighten its control against the Muslims, the ongoing mass protests in the east African nation could turn more violent and might lead to a larger destabilization in the already volatile region.

Ethiopia has recently been a scene of Muslim protests who accuse government of interference in their religious affairs.

“Given Ethiopia’s strategic importance in the Horn of Africa, it is vital that the Ethiopian government ends its religious freedom abuses and allow Muslims to practice peacefully their faith as they see fit”, the Commission’s Chairwoman Katrina Lantos Swett said.

“Otherwise the government’s current policies and practices will lead to greater destabilization of an already volatile region”, she stressed, further calling on the US government to address the issue with the Ethiopia government.

According to USCIRF, escalating violations against religious communities in the name of countering extremism would lead to more extremism, greater instability, and possibly violence.

(Amnesty Report,2012)April 27, 2012- The killing of 5 Oromos and injury of many others at a religious gathering in Asasa,Arsi, Oromia could be seen as more extremism and its a worst violation of human rights. In this case, the TPLF killing squads flagrantly shot and killed innocent civilians. We, Oromos, always raised a question like ”Why Oromo are singled out when the protest is going on all over Ethiopia?”

(CNN iReport,2013)August 3, 2013 – Ethiopian government forces open fire on unarmed demonstrators throughout the country, killing 25 and injuring dozens more, according to Ethiopian activists who took part in the demonstrations. This shows as continuation of human right violation and freedoms.

In recent months Ethiopian Muslims have further intensified their opposition against government’s religious policies by staging protests every week following Friday prayers. For over a year, Ethiopian Muslims have been holding peaceful protests and mosque  sit-ins over the regime’s human rights abuses against their community and interference in their religion.

Therefore, we call upon all international community to condemn this innocent killing at Asasa, oromia, and the late killing, and work together to prevent more killing planned by the regime.


6 comments on “Ethiopia’s “religious abuse” may cause regional destabilization

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  4. behailum2012
    August 7, 2013

    The threat to crackdown against the usual Friday protest last week and the Kofele killings that followed indicate that the regime is itching to escalate the conflict, after its hope for the movement to naturally fade away failed to materialized. As atrocious as the criminal acts against civilians are, the best way to render the regime’s new strategy fruitless is to continue to exercise maximum restraint and maintain absolute nonviolent discipline. This should include avoiding any form of direct confrontation with security personnel to deny them any excuse for engaging in such reckless acts. Therefore, organizers of the protest movement are strongly advised to stay calm and ensure that the people do as well. My condolences to the victims and their families.


  5. Harroo l.
    August 7, 2013

    With love to every1:

    1. Avoid emotionalism in words & acts
    2. Compile comprehensive reports on z event by competent legal experts
    There’r elements in EPRDF who play a foul game in z name of devt. Condemn who talk anti-Ethiopian things.
    3. Words < Action


  6. Bertukan A.
    August 7, 2013

    Even in most democratic countries we have never seen a stable, non violent, frequent, peaceful demonstration like the one the Ethiopian muslims have showed us . As to me they are one of the best peaceful demonstrations exemplary models to be proud of. Death shouldn’t be there reward for these innocent people. RIP ! my condolence goes to the victims families.


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