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Change comes from struggle. We shows the struggle towards the violated rights and freedoms by others body. By Behailu M.

we need a different kind of revolution

Now is the time for the truth to start coming out, no matter how painful it is; however, it must be genuine. Fake humility, fake apologies or fake talk of reconciliation that is opportunistic will never get us anywhere for hatred, deception and raw self-interest will remain in their hearts. Instead, we need a different kind of revolution.

The revolution that must start should begin in the heart, soul and mind of every person. Unlike the cry from the past to start a revolution from the grave of our enemy, our revolution must put to death a intergenerational system and mindset that has brought so many tears, so much blood and countless graves. This kind of thinking will never bring about a New Ethiopia. The vitriolic hatred and anger between the people of Ethiopia has gone on too long; with different groups claiming entitlements or grievances that have gone unresolved for decades or longer.

The destructive politics that exclude “other” Ethiopians as “less worthy” or “less Ethiopian” or as “the enemy” should be buried for good. Some Ethiopians are so angry over years of injustices that they do not want to even hear the word “Ethiopia” or see the flag of Ethiopia or speak the national language of Ethiopia.

The ethnic apartheid regime of the TPLF has spread this hatred but others have carried it on. Now everyone is alienated in Ethiopia. Ethiopia may never have been colonized but has become tribally or ethnically colonized because the worst aspects of tribalism have infected us.

Ethiopia is one of the few countries in the world where the constitution begins “we the tribes” rather than “we the people.” We are alienated within our “tribes” as well. This is fomented by some radicals at home, but especially in the Diaspora, and has created even more animosity. It has created a “Tigray versus us” dilemma that must be resolved if we are to build a New Ethiopia.

This deadly ethnic hatred poison must be detoxified, filtered out or drained from our system of self-destruction; or, like the bumblebee who kept trying the same useless ways to free itself, we the people of Ethiopia also will fail to look up and see the way out.

May God help each of us to choose the way of truth, love, justice and compassion, guide us on this previously untaken road to a New Ethiopia!

Source: http://www.facebook.com/obang.metho.9?hc_location=stream


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This entry was posted on September 19, 2013 by in General Information, Home.
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