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Change comes from struggle. We shows the struggle towards the violated rights and freedoms by others body. By Behailu M.

Woyane got it all wrong; it has no way out but the unconditional surrender for democratic ru

The Ethiopian regime seems to misunderstand what the people of Ethiopia are demanding. The sooner the regime gets it and surrender peacefully for democratic rule the better it would be. Playing hide-and-seek game isn’t going to do it.  Spewing empty ethnic and religious propaganda isn’t going to save it. Hiding behind corrupt investments and empty growth propaganda isn’t a substitute for freedom. Tormenting the population and jailing the innocent with empty bravado isn’t going to help it form its inevitable demise. Woyane and its stooges must appreciate the tolerance of our people and accept the illegitimacy of the ruling regime and live with it. Noting will change that reality.

Stupidity is a virtue brought about by ignorance, empty self-worth and bravado; often exhibited in a circle of people in-and around tyrannies, gangs and rouge groups that rely on intimidation and brut force to sustain their existence.  Therefore, the Ethiopian ruling regime known for its stupidity and brutality on the top of its organized corruption has no qualm to remain on the bottom of the pits since it came to power. Its apologists aren’t far behind; not willing to rise up to the occasion when the rotten regime reduces them to impersonator beyond recognition.

When the self-declared minority regime implemented Apartheid to insure its survival it was bound to commit atrocities and corruption beyond an average tyranny. When the apologist lie through their teeth to cover up for its crimes it was clear illustration of how a confined ethnic audience can be manipulated to play on the bottom. Therefore, the Woyane regime has one thing going for it; a collection of ethnic yes-men clapping with one hand and stealing with the other to make enough noise for the world to believe there is something out of noting.  

There is no discord among Ethiopians the rogue regime rotted beyond repair long ago and banking on its killing and extortion machine to get by. Naturally, the more people say so the more deadly the regime became with no one around its apologists capable of pushing it out of the bottom it chose to play.

Obviously Woyane made its bed and slept in it for too long. The question that remained is how is it there are still people out there that entertain to hold on to a rotten ethnic regime-fully aware of its criminality? In other words, what could possibly motivate people to remotely associate with a self-declared Mafia on the top of an Apartheid regime to stick around in unwinnable battle against the people of Ethiopia?

The behavior of the regime’s apologists-glued with the self distractive regime is uncharacteristically abnormal. It is another indication they are in a do-or-die situations to prevent the inevitable demise of the Apartheid regime. Woyane’s attempts to kill and bribes its way out of the demand for democratic rule and sustain its corrupt practices aren’t a small matter for anyone to ignore just because of an elaborate village propaganda that doesn’t worth the paper it is written on. 

The debate among Ethiopians continued as the struggle reached a point of no return. Some, my self included believe Woyane is acting on behalf of foreign interest-out to stick around as long as its sponsors allowed it. Others believe it is another opportunist regime that uses ethnicity and cronyism to  hold on  its political and economic power. And, many others believe it is a racist group that wishes ‘Tigrians’ to dominate the lives of the rest of Ethiopians through division and organize corruption.

Though all arguments are true when one observes the behaviors and actions of the regime at one time or another there is one burning question that begs for an answer. Why would a regime that declared itself a representative of a minority ethnic group wants to isolate its constituency from the larger community by pretending to benefit them through atrocities and corruption is where the question must be asked and answered by none other than Tigrians the regime claims to represent.   After all, unless Tigrians collectively buy into sustaining the Apartheid system implemented by none other than TPLF in their name would benefit them, TPLF is as good as dead. In reality, there is no worst insult to the people of Tigray than being represented by a rouge group with the army of cadres and assassins corrupted to the hilt. 

The idiocy of Woyane and its apologists

If one thing is clear it is the audacity of Woyane and its apologists’ insult to the intelligence of our people. The people of Ethiopia have endured the insults and atrocities of a self declared Tigrian group and its apologists over and over again for over two decades.  Fortunately, it is strictly confined around relatively small circle of ethnic elites that are prone for violence and corruption-uncharacteristic of the average Ethiopian experience. What is even more amusing is the apologist unprecedented level of arrogance and dedication to legitimize a rotten regime’s criminality as progress.

In the history of the struggle for democracy no one group spoke for anyone but itself. If it claims to do so it is unquestionably tyranny in the making.  As evident, Woyane proved us beyond a reasonable doubt a rogue group is unworthy of democratic representation.

Therefore, any group that claims anything less than the universal suffrage of our people and democratic rule is as dangerous as Woyane for our society and the world at large as Woyane proved us allover again.  Reducing the essence of democracy to bottom of the pits for political expediency isn’t only an insult to the people but it is crime against humanity.  

Woyane is obviously unprincipled ethnic drifter- a moving target that operates from its comfort zone under the slogan of Ethnic Federalism. It is constantly in search of its next meal and a place to hide. Its only pride is the possession it scavenged and robed from the public as it roams the streets bullying and extorting the population. Its nomadic existence is justified by the ethnic drifters it surrounds itself; scavenging and robbing in their own rights in the name of Ethnic Federalism.  

Ever since the legendry ethnic drifter of TPLF departed that guided the pack of ethnic warlords, Woyane is in disarray of its own making while its ethnic apologists are disoriented. Ethnic Federalism that was designed to sustain the rogue TPLF led regime is becoming a nightmare to sustain Apartheid.   Therefore, no one can deprive TPLF and its apologist a hiding place better than Tigrians the rogue group used and abused and hide behind for the last 22 years.  

Not in my name

The unconventional rule of the rogue group should surprise anyone or the excuses its apologists come up with to sustain the rogue regime. But, the apathy of the rest of us not to call a spade a spade to agree on what needs to be done to end the hapless regime’s rule became its meal ticket to remain for so long.

But, noting would come close to Tigrians’ collective declaration of ‘not in my name’ to bring Apartheid down once for all. After all, if the rogue group is deprived a hiding place what good could it be but, a desperate mercenary? 

Lately, the ethnic warlords are disoriented enough to throw rocks in every direction to see if they can save the Apartheid regime they helped established from its inevitable demise. Some are wondering in-and out of their designated ethnic comfort zone. Others are pushing the ‘envelop’ to the limit to see if it works to extend the life of the regime. Some are running for their life before they become the causality of the monster they help created and benefited. A few are attempting to fake reconciliation while blaming and jailing the innocent. And, the rest are wondering what their fate would be-with all the crimes under their belt.   At this point in time whatever they do and say is irrelevant to be taken seriously. As far as Ethiopians are concerned Woyane is as good as dead; searching for ways to revive it or take the rest of us with it.

Make no mistake; the hapless regime’s stooges are scared to their pants for the crime they committed on the people of Ethiopia. They are hoping by complicating matters further it would help them deceive their way out their crime. No one is doing them a favor more than those rushing to get advantage of the bribe the regime offers and other that take the regimes propaganda face value. Ethnic peddlers-segregating our peoples as if the rules of law and democracy have ethnic identity aren’t helping.  With all honesty, the ethnic elites got it all wrong. The last thing they would peddle in Ethiopia should be ethnicity but the rule of law and democracy. After all what good would it do to our people creating collections of ethnic tyrannies than democratic Ethiopia?

The lust for power peculiarly makes people bypass individuals’ right and the rule of law in search of self gratification; peddling for anything that makes them relevant.   The Woyane elites are a classic prove of’ shooting own foot and crying wolf. Thank God our people are way ahead of our elites to see the bigger picture of demanding the rule of law than being a stepping stone for the adventure of rogue groups. After all, who lost the most in the adventure of our contemporary elites’ quest climb to power in the last five decades? The wisdom of our people is beyond bound. It is time us to learn a lesson or two we never find recycling books and reinventing the wheel.

Looking at the frightened Woyane ethnic elites’ boundless excuses to fit their lust for power and corruption-bypassing the freedom of our people is disgusting. They are desperate and clumsy enough offering condominium for the gullible is a substitute for freedom and democracy. It illustrates the crises our society endures with our contemporary elites’ adventure to eat their cake and having it too. They look and talk progressive but act as if they walked out of Stone Age in the era of the Information Revolution and democracy.

Their latest hoax of terrorism is a continuation of dodging the demand to surrender power for democratic rule without committing more crime than they already did on our people.  Let face it, no two faced ethnic tyranny would protect us from our own people in the name of terrorism. The fact Ethiopians are protecting each other from the rogue regime that terrorize us is an indication Ethiopians don’t need protection from each other but the regime.

The time has come Woyane step down. The apologist would also be better off to speed up its demise for their own sake.

Ethiopians will get a legitimate government. There is no if-and-but about it.

Source: http://strugglinginjustice.wordpress.com/by Teshome Debalke



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