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Change comes from struggle. We shows the struggle towards the violated rights and freedoms by others body. By Behailu M.

The Peaceful struggle that is going on in Ethiopia

I am encouraged by peaceful struggle that is going on in Ethiopia. I applaud Andinet and Semayawi parties for their extraordinary leadership, which in its commitment to a non-violent, peaceful struggle, has become a source of inspiration to many of us.

If we to are to be successful, we must focus on how we can bring justice, freedom, opportunity, equality and hope to Ethiopia rather than being fixated on blaming, accusing, attacking and insulting other groups—something that diverts our attention from our main goal.

I do not care who these groups are—you can call them Separatists, Liberation Fronts, Terrorists, Cessationists, supporters of the peaceful struggle, proponents of the armed-struggle or those in between. You can call them Muslims, Christians, radicals, Neftegna, Shaebia, feudalists, unemployed youth, anti-peace elements, freedom fighters or whatever you like, I do not care because these people are all Ethiopian and we must try to work with them or we will end up spending all our energy blocking each other rather than the focusing on the destruction of Ethiopia by the ethnic apartheid regime of the TPLF and its cronies.

In the same way, we lose momentum if we spend so much time defending ourselves or tearing down the work of others while leaving the TPLF alone. Instead, our main goal should be for us come together in a dialogue in one room and that day, the ethnic apartheid regime of TPLF/EPRDF will know their vulnerability.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/obang.metho.9


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