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Change comes from struggle. We shows the struggle towards the violated rights and freedoms by others body. By Behailu M.


By Behailu Mengistu

In my understanding, the modern-day democracy of developed countries though to acquire a broadly-based perceptive of democracy which would makes the peoples more conversant as citizens and hence, able to exercise their right and freedom as fully as their expectancy. Peoples ruling freedom further depends on a countries policy that enhances the capabilities of peoples to develop as independent and critical thinkers of politics.

We consider that citizens needs to be seen as something that has its personal ends which are distinctive form for Professional and educated citizens. I also personally believe that the right to be a higher and active participant from a negative right perspectives to positive right perspectives has been hard won. However, the belief of democracy as a positive right is perhaps a more understood and associated principally with modern democracy system. In this context we conform to the problems facing our country, Ethiopia is substantially not the footstep of democracy.

In whatsoever implementation, the more lettered policies recognize the complexity of different issues. But with out lettered polices we are failed to recognize this complexity we have in different political groups and Unions which takes a more account of political needs contribute to lack of democracy. As a result of this some groups are taking a more hard-line effort towards this issue by seeking to enforce the Human right and Amnesty International on different political demonstration and meetings attendance.

I see that the political process of ones democratic country must permit oppositions to contend for power on clean means. Then we can regard that this permission of others groups to have active engagement in a countries political activities tracks to self-governing of the peoples, and justness of the government. But in Ethiopian its not still done by this context, it is still much remains to be accomplished. I think that having such political phenomena, reaching a true democracy could be age long and sticky process.

In Ethiopia, as result of having inconstant democracy we have seen that the government have treated the peoples with suspicion and mistrust. In opposing this the peoples in particular the students made a lot of demonstrations in various major cities to complain government plan of action. However, due to the dictatorial ruling system, those demonstrations and others acts putted down by security forces with unnecessary forces. ethio-map-511x310

Consequently, peoples have been imprisoned, tortured or expelled from society. More than thousand of peoples are long-faced detentions, torture and harassment for showing their political opinions. In sense of democratization, voicing the political opinion serve as a examples in democratic process. This means the country have to take in account ones ability to exercise the right to free political expression.

I read as those activities are principally restrictively protected by the government. Even though peoples knows that those act leads them to interfering with government, they are struggling as they are in need of expression, associated and movement interfering the governments decisive actions like arbitrary arrest, detentions and others mistreatment. They are peoples who are critical or contradictory of the ruling government. The government habitually commit various human right violations against people. These violations are arbitrary detentions, torture, harassment and destroy of live hoods. They are a common places like Schools, Universities and etc in which these abuses are widespread. A lots have made their speech, express their opinions, and make their movement in any means they get on. At pessimal oftentimes of different demonstrations and meetings in opposing the ruling government consist of more advantageous than a simply keeping silent for the poor and disengagement ruling system.

From these actions, the others peoples who have different opinions, remains silent than trying to express their own political views. In line with this Amnesty International report,2011 urged the Ethiopian government to uphold the right of those who express dissent and to release anyone detained on this basis. Adding to this in 2013 report, those arrests, detentions, harassment, and restrictions on freedom of expression…etc are continuing. 

I can conclude that the currently ruling government was aimed and still continuing to eliminate or imprison politically conscious and self-respecting peoples. We have seen a thousand of citizens in unknown and secret prisons due to their resistance of the governments policies. There the prisoners ascertained that there are prohibited imprisoning activities. Using illegal power, the government trying to silence people who criticizes the governments policies, who questions the governments actions, in prolonged taking into custody and criminal prosecution.

I want to tell the ruling government that arrest, harassment, and such restrictions won’t hold back the forward motion of our struggle for our rights and freedom. I call upon the all peoples to step up our struggle.

We struggle for our right and freedom!!!



  1. Bertukan A.
    April 6, 2014

    http://allafrica.com/ stressed accommodating diversity, multiculturalism, individual and group rights and lead the nation to democratic development with radical fashion is fundamental if this nation is to continue with sustainable economic progress and unity.
    So that Democracy is a must in Ethiopian context to effectively resolve such long standing problems that other systems had failed to end. And if the same mistake is repeated now, the country would simply be prone to destabilization.


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