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Change comes from struggle. We shows the struggle towards the violated rights and freedoms by others body. By Behailu M.

Behind Polotics: What?

Certain issues always come to mind when one thinks of African politics, and the issues that inform the study of African politics are numerous. Most of writters had written a text with wide-ranging coverage, including state, civil society, external interests, ideology, ethnicity, religion, neocolonialism, democracy, and legitimacy, among others.

They also uses different case studies to illustrate the arguments advanced in the book. In addition, ethnicity, identity, conflict, power, democracy, corruption, and governance are often mentioned as issues of interest when examining not only African but also East African politics.

Sometimes these issues make it difficult for people within the countries of Africa to develop appropriate characteristics with which to identify themselves. This is perhaps the issue that others tries to examine as many nation-states grapple with their multiple identities.

However, in most instances many people identify with their ethnic groups, whose consequences for politics in Africa are sometimes deleterious. In some areas, ethnicity has been the cause of numerous conflicts.

Ethnic identity, as applied to Africa, refers to a group of people sharing a common ancestry, language, symbol, and territory. Ethnic identity derives its foundation from combined memories of the past and common expectation.

Because of the ethnic competition for the scarce economic resources and political power, in Ethiopoia each ethnic group tends to fight to have a president from their group. For them, the president will loot the state for his ethnic group. In other words, the president is not for the state, but his ethnic group. This is the root cause of the struggle to control the state. Ethnic strategies are often connected with the resources of modern economy, such as in gaining employment, education, securing loans, and seizing appointments for lucrative offices. The competition for the limited economic resources within the state today, to a certain extent, has changed the meaning of ethnic identities.

The challenge is not how to overcome ethnic identities, but how to integrate them into social relationships and political processes. The effort of promoting democracy cannot succeed without taking into account the challenge of appropriating ethnic identities into the structure of nation-state. Any project, be it political, economic, or religious, which involves the mobilization of people must take into account the cultural contexts in which individuals live, rather than those in which someone may think they ought to be living. The process of building democratic institutions will succeed insofar as it starts with what people are and from where they are.

Unless we come together in respecting our ethnic diffrence, our voice which we are struggle for every where became useless. Currently we are seeing a lot of struggle in Ethiopia by all ethnic groups. However, this diffrence is more observed outside the country. That I mean there are a lot of Ethiopian who are currently leaving in diifrent countrys outside Ethiopia. They are struggling by diffrentiating their Ethnics for one puspose that is all want the deafet of the current governement and all need the freedom, dempcracy, and repected right without the involvment of the governement.

But their voice and the case what they are struggling for is the same. As a result of this diffrence no one believe as their voice is voiceless, their struggle is also valueless. Having this diffrence, it is difficult to imagine as I will be free one day speciall in Ethiopia where the peoples have diffrent perspective towards one another. The nature and meaning of ethnic identity are difficult to grasp unless we relate them to the changing conditions of life.

To change this, the starting piont is not somewhere that the Ethiopian peooples are looking for. It start from their own place and position to be one, to struggle together and stand together for common benefit.

This Article will be updated with more informatiom…



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