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Change comes from struggle. We shows the struggle towards the violated rights and freedoms by others body. By Behailu M.

About this Blog

The majority of peoples in Ethiopia have been living in environments characterized by unabated killings, repression, and oppressions chestrated by successive dictator and dictatorial regimes for more than a century. Groups or individuals who dare to raise the question of their identity are considered as the enemies of the empire and suffer in the tyranny jail.

In different occasion, several Ethiopian’s people became a victim of severe public beatings and arrest. Many of them have been wounded by severe beating, as many arrested in local prisons while about that many of whom are currently identified have been taken to the prison for the shocking torture the place.

Therefore, this blog is  appeal to the democratic governments and the international communities to support the struggle of the Ethiopian peoples in order to realize people’s aspirations for justice, peace, freedom, democracy, stability and its quest for self determination through putting pressure on the current government to immediately halt or stop its threats or terrorization police towards people’s and forcing the regime to come to all inclusive political solution for the entire empire.

Generaly. this blog is reclaim our identity, our heritage and our continent’s rightful political, economic and cultural position in the globalised world and in the specific and global consciousness.

We all raised our hands, voices for our right and freedom to be respected.

Bloger: Behailu Mengistu

Contact Email:behailumen@gmail.com
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